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Dubrovnik Dub Bowl Academy 2017. tours
November 21, 2017

USA tour Dub Bowl 2017

Dubrovnik Dub Bowl Team together with IMG academy organized training camp for the first tournament on USA tour, Eddie Herr.
Juniors were acommodated within the academy and were well taken care of by all the participants. Thanks to IMG academy they had the priviledge to train under special programs with maximum care. Our team was honered to be hosted by the great Nick Bollettieri during the first training period for additional hints and advices.
The team had preparations throughout the day with the all-day training program; mornings were concentrated on playing tehnique and other game segments, while the afternoons were reserved for preparation matches. Besides tennis play, preparations included conditional and strategic point training. Besides all of the participating coaches assisting with training, Mister Bollettieri joined us once again, to make sure everything is functioning properly.

Big thanks to all of the players on the amazing and professional approach!

Dub Bowl Team 2017 continiues with preparations and program schedule where already on Wendsday we are about to participate in one of the greatest Junior tournaments in the world, Eddie Herr!

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