Dubrovnik Dub Bowl Team American Tour 2nd Week
November 30, 2017
Dubrovnik Dub Bowl Team American Tour 4th Week
December 18, 2017

Dubrovnik Dub Bowl Team American Tour 3rd Week

During the 3rd week of Dubrovnik Dub Bowl Team American Tour we participated in the Eddie Herr Tournament, organized by IMG Academy. The whole team enjoyed in passionatly supporting each other throughout the tournament. It is important to notice that all of the team members were participants of Dubrovnik Dub Bowl 2017. and since then, they enjoy each other company. One of the most memorable moments was in eight-finals of U12 tournament when we had a clash of the two champions from our tournament(Dubrovnik Dub Bowl): Alex Eala (Philippines), the winner U11 2015 and Ela Nala Milic, the winner of U11 2017. After participating in EddieHerr tournament Dub Bowl Team continiued with preparations and started competing on Casely tournaments while collecting valuable international experience. At the end of the week our team is moving to Palm Beach in order to complete further preparations for worldwide famous Little Mo. We are proud that this year winners from Dubrovnik Dub Bowl were rewarded with an invitation to participate in The Little Mo.

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