Dubrovnik Dub Bowl Team American Tour 3rd Week
December 11, 2017
Dubrovnik Dub Bowl Team American Tour 5th Week
January 5, 2018

Dubrovnik Dub Bowl Team American Tour 4th Week

During the 4th week Dub Bowl Team held a camp at Crandon Park tennis courts in Key Biscayne.
Antea Mandic (Cro) had her preparations for further participation in Casely Cup. Kristinka Beranova(Cz, 13), Katerina Beranova(Cz, 11) and Timofl Milovanov(Ukr, 11) went through preparations for the incoming Orange Bowl.
The interesting fact is that Crandon Park, besides Orange Bowl U14, hosts one of the most recognizable tennis tournament worldwide on ATP and WTA list, Miami Open.
Driven by excellent conditions and great internal atmosphere Dub Bowl Team worked hard, not only for for the incoming tournaments, but also for further skill development on higher level. Overall, we are sastisfied that the training and international matches helped the growth of our participants. The most important thing is that all of us are enjoying and having fun throughout hard work and each others company.
We are proud to announce that Antea`s efforts were rewarded with the finals of Casely Cup U16!

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