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Conclusion of Dub Bowl 2018
November 21, 2018
Dub Bowl & Le Petits As
January 29, 2019

Dub Bowl & Yonex

Dubrovnik Dub Bowl certainly provides its participants with rich and variety of events, programs and awards. However, those who show the best skills, strategy, match play and mental strength get a chance to experience the landscape of sponsorship Dubrovnik Dub Bowl partners offer. The world leader in Tennis equipment -Yonex, signed contract with Dubrovnik Dub Bowl 2018 U13 Finalist Cem Atlamis and Dubrovnik Dub Bowl U11 2018 Winner Jovan Tomovic. Yonex is known to sponsor the elite of professional tennis such as Nick Kyrgios, Stanislav Wawrinka, Naomi Osaka, Angelique Kerber, Frances Tiafoe and many more.
Dubrovnik Dub Bowl with its reward of  Yonex sponsorship and contract, further raises the player’s profile, encourages them to improve their performace and hopefully helps Dubrovnik Dub Bowl players to one day claim Grand Slam crown under Yonex sponsorship.

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