Dubrovnik Dub Bowl Preparation Camp

A week prior to official Dubrovnik Dub Bowl start date scheduled for June 17th, Dubrovnik Dub Bowl team organizes traditional Dubrovnik Dub Bowl Preparation Camp. Dubrovnik Dub Bowl Preparation Camp will be held in period from June 10th – June 14th. The camp programme is uniquely created to improve player’s mental and physical skills. Dubrovnik Dub Bowl Preparation Camp helps them develop a belief in their game stability, learn how to receive a positive feedback about their performance, improve strategy, point construction and match play – all under positive atmosphere and supervision of quality coaches.Dubrovnik Dub Bowl Camp not only prepares children for the upcoming Tournament of Dubrovnik Dub Bowl, but also provides significant and valuable lessons for children’s’ further development as a player and sportsman. Most importantly, children have a great time and gain experience during four days of Dubrovnik Dub Bowl Preparation Camp – making great memories with their new friends, family and coaches.

Additionally, after June 14th and Dubrovnik Dub Bowl Preparation Camp – Dubrovnik Dub Bowl organizes a Dubrovnik Dub Bowl Preparation Tournament as a part of Dubrovnik Tour 2019. Dubrovnik Tour Tournament is scheduled for the weekend of June 15th & 16th. This Tour Tournament is a great way for players to get to know each other, feel the courts and to round up their preparation for Dubrovnik Dub Bowl.