Dub Bowl & Yonex
January 29, 2019

Dub Bowl & Le Petits As

Les Petits As is known as one of the most prestige kids’s tournament in the world. Players need to go through player’s selection, qualifications and many other processes. Luckily, Dubrovnik Dub Bowl is one of rare who offer Les Petits As Wild Card for those who show the best game and win Dubrovnik Dub Bowl Tournament. Dubrovnik Dub Bowl gave 2018 U11 Winners Jovan Tomovic and Sapir Cohen, a chance to participate on Les Petite As.
Even though Les Petits As is played in U14 category – we are sure Dubrovnik Dub Bowl U11 2018 Winners will do their best to justify Wild Card and opportunity Dubrovnik Dub Bowl offered them. We hope Dubrovnik Dub Bowl helped our winners through new experience of Les Petits As to climb their way up as a player and sportsman.

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