Dubrovnik Dub Bowl 2019

2019 was sixth edition of Dubrovnik Dub Bowl tournament followed by specific seven-day program where each player is guaranteed at least five matches.

Sixth edition of Dubrovnik Dub Bowl was a record year hosting over 150 players from 63 world countries who played over 3,000 matches on „Tennis Centre Dubrovnik“ courts.

By winning Dubrovnik Dub Bowl, we make sure our rising stars have the right people in their corner for further tennis development and successful career. This involves getting appropriate tennis guidance, a chance to compete on world’s best tournaments and acquisition of quality equipment.

In 2019 Dubrovnik Dub Bowl winners were awarded with journey to the USA, Florida to practice at one of the world’s leading sports academies IMG Academy. wild cards to play and compete at ITF tournaments „ITF J3 Dubrovnik“, Tennis Europe tournaments „Bulgaria Cup U14“ , USA Tour tournaments „Little Mo“ and a wild card to compete at the world’s U14 championship – Les Petits As. Our stars have also been awarded with yearly contract of one of the biggest sport equipment manufacturers Yonex.


Preparation day, or a day before official Dubrovnik Dub Bowl start date is set for personal registration and obtainment of official Dub Bowl ID.

After the first Dubrovnik Dub Bowl matches, traditional opening ceremony was held in the evening hours of the first Dubrovnik Dub Bowl day.

Accompanied by journalists, TV & social media broadcast and dance groups, players were introduced to the audience and Dubrovnik Dub Bowl was officially opened.

10 hours of round robin matches are done and players are off to players’ pool party to enjoy themselves afer a long tennis day.

Players and their parents, team and coaches spend fun times at one of the nicest spots in Dubrovnik – bay of Babin Kuk watching the sunset, enjoying in food and drinks, dancing with animators and swimming in the pool.

Players’ party became traditional part in series of events through which Dub Bowl team promotes tolerance, respect and fair play in hopes for them being inherited not only in tennis, but also in all other aspects of life.

Third day of Dubrovnik Dub Bowl is the most memorable day for all participants. Kid’s day is  traditional part of Dubrovnik Dub Bowl Tournament,held on one of most beautiful and unique streets in the world– Stradun. The millenial picture of Dubrovnik Dub Bowl is within minutes sent across the world to every Dubrovnik Dub Bowl  participant country. Player’s get intervieved by media and our official Dubrovnik Dub Bowl host in the heart of Old Town. Followed by interviews and millenial photograph, main and consolation draw is held in Rector’s palace.

Fourth day is the first day of main and consolation draw matches. Other than the beginning of new stage of the tournament, this is also a starting point for players who wish to compate in doubles as well.At the end of day four, Dubrovnik Dub Bowl team provides its players and their friends with free movie screening. While the youngest and their families and enjoying themselves with newest movies, coaches are welcomed at Coaches’ Dinner.

Sixth day is tennis day consisted of long hours of quality macthes in which players compete for their place in semifinals. Doubles matches countinue throughout the day.

Final day of Dubrovnik Dub Bowl is reserved for semifinal and final matches. Finalists get treatment of professional ATP and WTA tennis players with ball kids, chair umpire, interviews and live streaming.

During the traditional closing ceremony, the winners are awarded with free  participation in tennis academy IMG on Florida, wild cards for prestige kid’s tournaments like Little Mo, Les Petites, ITF Tournaments, Tennis Europe tournaments, as well as contract with one of leading sport equipment brand – Yonex. All awards are handed to our participants by main referees, Dubrovnik Dub Bowl directors and Tournament sponsors.

Sixth edition of Dubrovnik Dub Bowl was host to 63 world counties hosting over 150 players. In 2020 we wish YOU to become a #dubrovnikdubbowlplayer and follow our tournament vision of #makingyourdreamshappen.

Interview with the winners

Under 13

Nera Tešankić – U13 GIRLS WINNER
“Dubrovnik Dub Bowl is my favorite tournament. Everything is great, I played a lot of matches, but I had a lot of fun off the court too – meeting new friends, a movie night, pool party, tennis on Stradun… The best thing was playing the finals because we had a chair umpire, ball kids and live stream. I played this tournament 4 times because I really loved it and last year was my last participation because I was 13 so i’m very happy that i’ve won it.”

Dorian Salopek – U13 BOYS WINNER
“Hi, I am Dorian Salopek from Croatia and Dub Bowl tournament was one of my best tournaments I played. I had a great matches like against Zack Stephens in the final. Organization was great, I met new friends, had a lot of fun and gathered new experience. The most existing part of that tournament for me is my final match- it was like a  pro- with ball boys, chair reffery and similar. I recommend everyone to come to this amazing International tournament.”

Under 11

Eden Mayorkes – U11 GIRLS WINNER
„Hi my name is Eden Mayorkes and I’m from Israel. The best word I could think of to describe this tournament is electrifying!! I cant describe the feeling of walking in front of everyone wearing my national flag at the end of this amazing tournament. Everything was so professional, and everyone was so nice. I enjoyed meeting people from all over the world and hearing new languages, and in the end ,we all have the same common language which is tennis :)This was by far my favourite tournament, it brought out the best in me.And to top it off ,as winner, I got treated to a week at the IMG Academy and got coached by Nick Bollettieri himself, simply amazing,thank you, and I hope to be back this year as well.“

Ivan Ivanov – U11 BOYS WINNER
“I was very impressed with the. organization ,I. am glad that many of acquaintances had the opportunity to watch me play the finals of the tournament .I recommended other players from Bulgaria to participate.
Thanks for the incredible emotions i experienced.I go to many tournament around the world,but the Dubrovnik ball i my favourites.I participated in the Eddie Herr tournament in America thanks to your  prize.Thanks for everything!”


2019 News

June 18, 2019

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June 17, 2019

Schedule for Tuesday

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