Dubrovnik Dub Bowl 2018

2018 was fifth year in row for Dub Bowl tournament to take place in Dubrovnik on “Tenis centar Dubrovnik” courts. In two age groups U11 and U13, Dubrovnik Dub Bowl gathered over 160 kids from 57 different world countries. This year there was 10 new participant countries in the tournament, including Argentina, Brazil, China, Algeria and many more.

What makes Dub Bowl unique is variety of activities and everyday entertainment through we promote our main goal; to bring children from different ethnicities, cultures, races and countries together through tennis.

This years U11 winners Sapir Cohen from Israel and Jovan Tomovic from Mongenegro were awarded with free participation in Justine Hein academy, yearly contract with one of world leading company in sport industry -Yonex, and invitation for prestige tournaments such as Little Mo and Les Petites As.

While the winners of U13 Leticia Tarocco from Croatia and Nicolas Eli Nahuel from Argentina got a free participation in Justine Henin academy, a yearly contract of one of the biggest sport equipment manufacturers Yonex as well as a “wild card” for big international tournaments ITF Grade 1 Perin Memorial and Little Mo.


Preparation day, or a day before official Dubrovnik Dub Bowl start date is set for personal registration and obtainment of official Dub Bowl ID.

10 long hours of first matches of Dubrovnik Dub Bowl were followed by second edition of traditional Dub Bowl opening ceremony. Majorettes of Župa dubrovačka have graced the opening of Dubrovnik Dud Bowl.

Accompanied by journalists, TV & social media broadcast and dance groups, players were introduced to the audience and Dubrovnik Dub Bowl was officially opened.

Second day of round robin matches came to end.

These evening players and their escorts were invited to join players’ party. Provided with food, drinks, pool, games, stage and dance podium, players ended their second day enjoying themselves on Dubrovnik Dub Bowl’s Players’ pool party.

Players’ party became traditional part in series of events through which Dub Bowl team promotes tolerance, respect and fair play in hopes for them being inherited not only in tennis, but also in all other aspects of life.

Fourth day and perhaps the most memorable day for all participants is Kids’ day in the heart of Old Town. After last day of qualifications and round robin matches, players are invited to gather and play tennis on one of the most beautiful streets in the world – Stradun. Followed by millennial photograph of Dubrovnik Dub Bowl, participants continued to Rector’s palace where main and consolation draw took place. This is just one out of many memorable moments in Summer of 2018.

After Rector’s palace draw, first day of main and consolation matches could start. Other than being first day of single main and consolation matches, day five is also a starting day for all those who want to participate in double matches as well.
Just like in previous four years of its existence, Dubrovnik Dub Bowl team reserves fifth day for player’s entertainment and free movie screening for all players and their families, friends and escorts. That small event was a time for participants to make new lasting friendships and to build positivity. We would like to say thank you again to our many years of sponsorship with Blitz-Cinestar, a cinema complex that always surprises us with best and newest movies for kids.

Sixth day is normally reserved for tennis only; it is a long day in which players compete for their place in semifinals of main and consolation tournament.
Doubles tournament continues throughout the day as well.

Seventh day of Dubrovnik Dub Bowl is a day for semifinal and final matches in which players have an opportunity to present their nation and themselves while playing this extraordinary sport.

During the traditional closing ceremony, the winners are awarded with free  participation in tennis camps such as Justine Henin, wild cards for prestige kid’s tournaments like Little Mo and Les Petites as well as contract with one of leading sport equipment brand – Yonex. All awards are handed to our participants by main referees, Dubrovnik Dub Bowl directors and Tournament sponsors.

During seven days of playing and spending time together, we proudly can say that Dubrovnik Dub Bowl team considers a great honor being a host to over 200 children from different countries and hopes to see YOU next year as well.

Interview with the winners

Under 13

Leticia Tarocco Croatia U13 winner
“Hey, I am Leticia Tarocco from Croatia and Dub Bowl tournament was one of my best tournaments I played. The most I liked that tournament it is because I played on my courts and in my beautiful city. I had great matches like against Luciana Moyano and Anastasia Alexandra Petrova Nikolova. Organisation was great, I met new friends, gathered new experience and had a lot of fun. Be winner of this tournament is amazing feeling for me and everyone who wants to enjoy the tennis and see beautiful town and meet friendly people has to come and play Dub Bowl tournament.”

Nicolas Eli Nahuel Argentina U13 winner
“Hi, I’m Nico Eli from Argentina and this tournament was one of the best I played, I liked playing with kids from other countries, I had a great time in Dubrovnik, people is really nice and kind. It’s an amazing place, beautifull mountains, the beach is incredible and there is a lot fun things to do. If you want to be in a place like this, you have to play Dub Bowl, you will remember it for the rest of your life. Winning in U13 was very special to me because it was my first time in Europe and I had great matches like the one against former champion Zack Stephens. It was amazing the final with Cem Atlamis because Pasko anounnced us with a microphone like professional players and everything looked like an ATP final.”

Under 11

Sapir Cohen Israel U11Winner
“Hi, I am Sapir from Israel. Dubrovnik Dub Bowl was my best experience ever. I met a lot of friends around the world, and yet compete in the highest level with a great organization and lovely stuff in a beautiful city. The most existing part ofc was my final match – it was like pro – with ball boys, chair reffery. My competitor Anna, was very good and I had to fight hard to win. I recommend everyone to come to this
great international tournament!”

Jovan Tomovic Montenegro U11 Winner
“Dub Bowl – Dubrovnik , it’s a wonderful experience. City, people, friends. I was rewarded for my game. I got Yonex friendship, I got Dubrovnik friendship.”


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U11 Winners Jovan Tomovic Montenegro U11 Winner: Dub Bowl – Dubrovnik , it’s a wonderful experience. City, people, friends. I was rewarded for my game. I […]