Dubrovnik Dub Bowl 2017

The interesting events in 2017. that followed Dubrovnik Dub Bowl were rewarded with smiles. Dubrovnik Dub Bowl is more than just a tournament; 5th edition included various events for future tennis stars, such as motivational speech from Mihovil Španja, Cinestar hangout, parties for players and other participants, kids day on Stradun street, city walk through, pizza days, joint dinners etc. Director Pasko Barovic highlighted the importance of promoting sports in general throughout the cultural exchange and developement of the competitive spirit, as well creating forever memories and valuable friendshipis. „One of the goals of Dubrovnik Dub Bowl is to deliver unforgetable memories, life experience and irreplacable emotions.“ The positive atmosphere was contagious throughout the tournament, from young players to parents, coaches and friends. During the tournament young tennis players maintained stability, managed to present their skills at their peak and develop their own winning strategy. The contribution of all the participants Dubrovnik Dub Bowl would not become the fastest growing junior tournament in the world.

This years U11 winners Zack Stephens from GB and Ela Nala Milić from Slovenia were personally awarded by Goran Ivanišević with free Goran Ivanišević Summer Camp, yearly contract with one of world leading company in sport industry -Wilson, and invitation for prestige tournaments such as Little Mo. While the winners of U13 Tobias Wallin from Sweden and was Aleksandra Simeva from Macedonia also were personally awarded by legendary Wimbledon 2001 winner and one of the most famous Croatian tennis players of all time – Goran Ivanisevic, with free Goran
Ivanišević Summer Camp, a yearly contract of one of the biggest sport equipment
manufacturers Yonex as well as a “wild card” for big international tournament Little Mo.
Participants of the fifth edition of Dubrovnik Dub Bowl U11 and U13 Tournament
demonstrated how the age does not measure their maturity on the court, play style nor approach. Dubrovnik Dub Bowl Team would like to congratulate to all of the participants because for us, you are all winners! Some brought home medals and trophies, but the most important fact is that everyone went home with unforgetable memories from Dubrovnik.

Warm thank you and we are looking forward following your future success!


Preparation day, or a day before official Dubrovnik Dub Bowl start date is set for personal registration and obtainment of official Dub Bowl ID.

10 long hours of first matches of Dubrovnik Dub Bowl were followed by second edition of traditional Dub Bowl opening ceremony. Majorettes of Župa dubrovačka have graced the opening of Dubrovnik Dud Bowl.

Accompanied by journalists, TV & social media broadcast and dance groups, players were introduced to the audience and Dubrovnik Dub Bowl was officially opened.

Second day of round robin matches came to end.

These evening players and their escorts were invited to join players’ party. Provided with food, drinks, pool, games, stage and dance podium, players ended their second day enjoying themselves on Dubrovnik Dub Bowl’s Players’ pool party.

Players’ party became traditional part in series of events through which Dub Bowl team promotes tolerance, respect and fair play in hopes for them being inherited not only in tennis, but also in all other aspects of life.

Fourth day and perhaps the most memorable day for all participants is Kids’ day in the heart of Old Town. After last day of qualifications and round robin matches, players are invited to gather and play tennis on one of the most beautiful streets in the world – Stradun. Followed by millennial photograph of Dubrovnik Dub Bowl, participants continued to Rector’s palace where main and consolation draw took place. This is just one out of many memorable moments in Summer of 2017.

After Rector’s palace draw, first day of main and consolation matches could start. Other than being first day of single main and consolation matches, day five is also a starting day for all those who want to participate in double matches as well.
Just like in previous four years of its existence, Dubrovnik Dub Bowl team reserves fifth day for player’s entertainment and free movie screening for all players and their families, friends and escorts. That small event was a time for participants to make new lasting friendships and to build positivity. We would like to say thank you again to our many years of sponsorship with Blitz-Cinestar, a cinema complex that always surprises us with best and newest movies for kids.

Sixth day is normally reserved for tennis only; it is a long day in which players compete for their place in semifinals of main and consolation tournament.
Doubles tournament continues throughout the day as well.

Seventh day of Dubrovnik Dub Bowl is a day for semifinal and final matches in which players have an opportunity to present their nation and themselves while playing this extraordinary sport.

During the traditional closing ceremony, the winners are awarded with free participation in tennis camps such as Justine Henin, voucher for Discovery IMG on Florida, wild cards for prestige kid’s tournaments like Little Mo and contract with one of leading sport equipment brand – Yonex. All awards are handed to our participants by main referees, Dubrovnik Dub Bowl directors and Tournament sponsors.

During seven days of playing and spending time together, we proudly can say that Dubrovnik Dub Bowl team considers a great honor being a host to over 200 children from different countries and hopes to see YOU next year as well.

Interview with the winners

Under 13

dubrovnik dud bowl winner

Alexandra Simeva – Winner Dubrovnik DUB Bowl 2017 U13
„Dubrovnik DuB Bowl is a tournament which gave me a lot of experience and let
me play through the world. I heard about this tournament from my friends who were in U11 2015 addition, one of them was the champion Boris Mrkev. It was a nice place, great organization and also a great tournament. I would recommend to
everyone who loves tennis to come to this tournament. Thank you very much Dubrovnik DuB Bowl!“

dubrovnik dud bowl winner

Tobias Wallin; Winner Dubrovnik DUB Bowl 2017 U13:
“This was the first time I played DuB Bowl in Dubrovnik and it was a fantastic experience! Everybody in the organization were really nice and helpfull which helped me and everybody in the Swedish team to perform well in the matches. The final day was super cool with a great atmosphere during the final and I am happy I came through as the winner after a tough match in three sets agains a great opponent. Next year I am too old to defend my title, but I will for sure recommend my younger friends to go and play. The activities in the evenings such as the pizza evening and the visit to the cinema were also fun. Thanks again to Pasko and everybody who makes this tournament possible and hope to see you on the tour!

Under 11

dubrovnik dud bowl winner

Ela Nala Milić – Winner Dubrovnik DUB Bowl 2017 U11
“My name is Ela Nala Milić, this year U11 champion. I would highly recommend Dubrovnik Dub Bowl to all the young players out there, because of the competition quality, amazing organization, kind and helpfull people who contributed to the overall experience. The feeling was like a Grand Slam. I am looking forward to next year.”

dubrovnik dud bowl winner

Zach Stephens; Winner Dubrovnik DUB Bowl 2017
“The organization is very good, I like the way they do it. You get minimum 4 and
maximum 7 matches and matches. It is really good because in some tournaments,
you lose once and you only get one match. I would highly recommend it to people
who would like to come next year, as it is a great tournament to join.”


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