Dubrovnik Dub Bowl 2016

Dubrovnik DUB Bowl is more than a tournament where one can not only play tennis, but be part of lectures and activities for all generations. Tennis Center Dubrovnik is a place where fair play, tolerance and diversity are the core values that are trying to be manifested to others, especially children. Dubrovnik DUB Bowl is a place where every participant is treated as a star regardless of their result.

With third Dubrovnik Dub Bowl anniversary, the tournament is recognized by many respected tennis players, such as Goran Ivanišević – who will host his own tennis course; great Bob Brett – former mentor to Boris Becker, Goran Ivanišević and Marin Čilić; Brad Gilbert – one of the giants that contributed majority of his carrier to mentoring the magnificent Andre Agassi.

2016 U11 winners Edin Mulalić from neighbouring Bosnia and Herzegovina, and
Anastasia Aleksandra Petrova from Bulgaria were awarded with legendary  sportsman and the greatest icon of Croatian Tennis – Goran Ivanišević’s Summer Preparation Camp and a yearly contract with one of main tennis equitment brand – Wilson.

While the winners of Dubrovnik Dub Bowl Tournament of U13 Punnin Kovapitukted from Thailand and Jovan Sinadinovic from Bosnia & Hercegovina were the best in last 5 days on courts in Tennis center Dubrovnik! Punnin and Jovan were also awarded with free Goran Ivanišević Summer Camp and a yearly contract with Wilson.


Preparation day, or a day before official Dubrovnik Dub Bowl start date is set for personal registration and obtainment of official Dub Bowl ID.

10 long hours of first matches of Dubrovnik Dub Bowl were followed by second edition of traditional Dub Bowl opening ceremony. Majorettes of Župa dubrovačke have graced the opening of Dubrovnik Dud Bowl.

Accompanied by journalists, TV& social media broadcast and dance groups, players were introduced to the audience and Dubrovnik Dub Bowl was officially opened.

Second day of round robin matches came to end.

These evening players and their escorts were invited to join players’ party. Provided with food, drinks, pool, games, stage and dance podium, players ended their second day enjoying themselves on Dubrovnik Dub Bowl’s Players’ pool party.
Players’ party became traditional part in series of events through which Dub Bowl team promotes tolerance, respect and fair play in hopes for them being inherited not only in tennis, but also in all other aspects of life.

Fourth day and perhaps the most memorable day for all participants is Kids' day in the heart of Old Town. After last day of qualifications and round robin matches, players are invited to gather and play tennis on one of the most beautiful streets in the world – Stradun. Followed by millennial photograph of Dubrovnik Dub Bowl, participants continued to Rector’s palace where main and consolation draw took place. This is just one out of many memorable moments in Summer of 2015.

After Rector’s palace draw, first day of main and consolation matches could start. Other than being first day of single main and consolation matches, day five is also a starting day for all those who want to participate in double matches as well.
Just like in previous four years of its existence, Dubrovnik Dub Bowl team reserves fifth day for player’s entertainment and free movie screening for all players and their families, friends and escorts. That small event was a time for participants to make new lasting friendships and to build positivity. We would like to say thank you again to our many years of sponsorship with Blitz-Cinestar, a cinema complex that always surprises us with best and newest movies for kids.

Sixth day is normally reserved for tennis only; it is a long day in which players compete for their place in semifinals of main and consolation tournament.
Doubles tournament continues throughout the day as well.

Seventh day of Dubrovnik Dub Bowl is a day for semifinal and final matches in which players have an opportunity to present their nation and themselves while playing this extraordinary sport.

During the traditional closing ceremony, the winners are awarded with free participation in Goran Ivanišević Tennis Camp and contract with one of leading sport equipment brand – Yonex. All awards are handed to our participants by main referees, Dubrovnik Dub Bowl directors and Tournament sponsors.

During seven days of playing and spending time together, we proudly can say that Dubrovnik Dub Bowl team considers a great honor being a host to over 150 children from different countries and hopes to see YOU next year as well.

Interview with the winners

Under 13

U13 2016 Winner: Jovan Sinadinovic, Bosnia and Herzegovina
By taking part in a tennis tournament Dubrovnik Dub Bowl was a great pleasure for me. I gained a lot of experience. Winning this tournament enabled me to participate in a tennis camp organized by famous tennis player Goran Ivanisevic. I expressed huge gratitude to organizers of this tournament especially to Mr. Pasko Barovic and all coaches at the Tennis Centre Dubrovnik. They were very professional to all atlethes and guests of the tournament. Special experience that will remain deeply eteced in my memory is a tour of the old town of Dubrovnik ad departure with cable car to Srđ hill where we done draw.

U13 2016 Winner: Nat Punnin Kovapitukted, Thailand
Dubrovnik Dub Bowl, I heard that from Alexandra Eala who was champion under 11 in 2015. It made me want to play that. It was a nice place, tournament and a good organizer. I got a lot of friends and good experience. If i have a chance I want to go there again. Thank you so much.

Under 11

U11 2016 Winner: Edin Mulalic , Bosnia and Herzegovina
Hi everyone! My name is Edin Mulalic and I was the winner of Dubrovnik Dub Bowl of 2016. That was the best experience in my life. Everything about this tournament is amazing.

The whole time i felt happy and loved by everyone. It was like i was playing an adult
tournament but being only 11 years old. The organisation, programms, matches, ceremories, every single thing was absolutely perfect. I was very happy first time I stepped on the court and as time passed I became more and more confident of winning this tournament. The matches were very good and interesting. Finally, I’ve won the tournament and I was very happy. I got fantastic prizes, people from all over the world were congratulating me and I have got fantastic opportunity to be seven days in Goran Ivanišević Summer Camp. This was an amazing experience where I learned a lot from an amazing tennis player like Goran. We even had time to go to the beach, relax and then train with maximum power. It was a great
experience overall. I cant wait for the next Dubrovnik Dub Bowl, because it is the best tournament and feeling you can have. Also, the last time I was there, I made new friends. I also cant wait to see them again,catch up and have a good time on and off the court. See you soon!

U11 2016 Winner: Alexandra Anastasia Nikolova
This is the greatest Tournament. The organizers were very kind. The children i played with, were very good. I felt like I was playing Grand Slam. Also I would like to thank Dubrovnik Dub Bowl staff for this great week of summer camp with Goran. I am really looking forward to next year.

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